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    CYUSB3014 UVC problem (streaming data is bad.)

      Hi all,


      We use CYUSB3014 and its UVC function (using AN75779 example).


      Streaming data (video data) is okay generally.
      But sometimes streaming error occurres. (the attached file)


      "Lines are dislocated."
      (Excuse me that I have difficulty in this problem by text.)


      I checked image sensor's output signals are okay.
      (Pixel CLK, VSYNC, HSYNC, Data lines)


      I doubt a little that there is a problem on "commit process". (data transfer from CYUSB3014 to Host)


      By any chance,
      if this problem is related with FX3's GPIF or any firmware part,
      please let me know.


      Regards, thank you.