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    how to modify cypress uart to ble peripheral example day020 to work with other vendor uart to ble central?


      Hi ,


      I have following Cypress day020 example to test for uart to ble bridge by programming both peripheral project to kitProg usb dongle and the central project to Psoc ble module. It works great.


      However I have another design using nordic and its application of nus service (uart to ble bridge) as central, so I expect that it can also work with kitProg too.

      The result is not, they can not even connect.


      A close look showed uart to ble is custom service and use custom uuid for the uart bridge service. I found from the creator ide i can modify cypress uart to ble peripheral uuid to match with nordic nus service custom uuid.


      I have not quite started to make this hack yet, but wonder if this is the right way to modify as mentioned to allow different vendors uart to ble can connect and exchange uart data to ble as bridge?


      Please advise.