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    Hello-Sensor and clients randomly dis-connection.


      SDK: 2.1.1

      Tag: 920737.

      app: hello-sensor connected with 4 handset

      firmware size ~ 30KB.



      We base on Hello-Sensor to implement multi-client (= 4) to connect with 1 sensor device)

      in plan_air_create()










      1th handset connect to device is ok but after 2nd handset tries to connect with device,
      it will be randomly disconnected and I print its role  as client.dev_info[con_index].role == SLAVE
      (is it correct or should be MASTER?) and the disc reason is 0x8 (what does it mean?)


      Possible casue:
      - whether or not that some in each connection link,
      what is appropriate timing by using bleprofile_SendConnParamUpdateReq.


      -  if device is not as master, do i need to get rid of blecm_enablescatternet() call when in create() function.


      -  920737 tage can not perform slave to multi-client without putting a master in between.