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    GPIF II examples problem in SDK 1.3.3.

      Hi, I am using FX3S device for imaging and I am using Cypress FX3 SDK 1.3.3 version.


      When I used examples from FX3 SDK which do not contain GPIF II interface(cyfxgpif2config.h file) it works fine.


      However, when I used examples with GPIF II interface I get an error code of 997 in Control Center all of this type of examples.(UVC, U3V, Slave Fifo,Bulk Loop)t


      What can be the reason for this issue in GPIF II designs? I have found GPIF Examples Not Working when Compiled with Libraries from FX3 SDK 1.3.3 - KBA223153 but it does not solve my problem.


      Also when I tried 1.3.1 package I get an error code of 13 for ezUsbSuite which is shown below, if there is a solution for this, it is also be perfect.



      error code 13 eclipse ile ilgili görsel sonucu

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          The Gpif examples need to have an external device connected to the GPIF interface. However, you can try the GpiftoUsb example project, which samples the unconnected gpif data lines and transfers it to the USB. You do not need to connect any external device to run this example.


          Also, we recommend you not to revert to 1.3.1 SDk as the bugs with it are not supported and have been rectified in 1.3.3



          - Madhu

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            Hi again,


            GPIFtoUSB example works fine with my Cypress Ez-USB exploler kit.


            However, GPIF II interfaces with external Clock and other GPIF signals does not work when required signals are connected.(UVC and Slave Fİfo)


            Are there any solutions for this issue? For UVC, I made all connections in AN75779 and I have no frame data in VirtualDub although Windows 8.1 sees device as usb video device.


            Thank you for attention.