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    firmware to load

      hello everyone,

                I am new to the cyusb suite for linux,i met a question that is how to load a firmware use the cyusb suite, i click the 'select file' button there just are .img file, In my PC Linux there exist a  firmware (other gave me) but not a .img file.so i can't find it use the cyusb suite.so how can i load myself firmware ?advance for you help.

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          Hi Lu jian,


          If you want to import source code in order to review or modify it, you need to run EZ-USB suite(ezUsbSuite) which locates at the install path ~/FX3_SDK_Linux_v1.3.3/ eclipse. After that you could import the source code.

          The cyusb_linux tool is what we provide to the customer to talk with the USB devices attached to the host. It works with img file.

          So the problem is that you choose the wrong tool.



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            Hi ccya,

            Thanks you for your help,I found there exist a tool to convert a .elf to .img.