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    PSOC 5 and Wiznet HTTP


      I'm working with the PSOC 5LP Dev kit and a Wiznet W5500 chip.  I've successfully setup communication between the two devices and I've even sent information back and forth in a loopback test.  In my project folder under Design4_HTTP I've successfully taking the demo project that I found on the Wiznet Github website and I've been able to create a web server and I can access the different pages of the website.  I was having a problem when I would try to turn on a LED on my Dev board from the website or read the A/D, nothing was happening.  So I went to debug my project but when I would start the debugger the debugger always wants to go to the function (void * _sbrk) in the Cm3Start.C file and I couldn't get to any of the breakpoints that I set.  I've tried adjusting the heap and stack size and I've played with the Device Configuration Mode but each time I run the debugger after making a change the debugger kept running to that same function.  I'm looking for some help to keep the debugger from doing this so that I can figure out why the LED buttons and A/D reading are not working.