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    CYBLE 222014-01 and EZ Serial


      Hi All,


      I've inherited a project that was meant to implement the aforementioned BLE module. Assuming that the modules I have purchased are in fact loaded with the EZ Serial firmware (I can't scan the data matrix code unfortunately... but if it helps, I did just buy the modules last week, so I think they should have the firmware preloaded?)


      In which case, I was wondering what minimal setup is necessary to get these running with an external micro trying to communicate via UART. The previous designer had created connections for:











      CONNECTION (hardwired to an LED)


      And that's about it. It seems with this setup, I am incapable of the "Smart MCU Host with 4 Wire UART and Full GPIO Connections". Seemingly I can do "Dumb Terminal Host with CYSPP and Simple GPIO State Indication". Admittedly, I am not terribly familiar with what CYSPP is (some sort of Cypress proprietary service/characteristic for data transfer?). In dumb mode can I still do things like create my own characteristics and services?


      And finally, if I have my module powered on properly, should I be able to see it if I use a bluetooth sniffing program? Even if I haven't done any sort of programming or serial writing to the module? Thanks.