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    PSoC 4 OTA firmware update from another PSoC 4


      Hi all,


      My setup consists of a PSoC 4200 BLE based peripheral device acting as BLE Server Peripheral & another PSoC 4200 BLE based device acting as Central / Client  device. The Central / Client device has on it an UART interface.


      What  I'm trying do is to update the firmware of the Server Peripheral device Over The Air (OTA) via BLE channel, by using the Central / Client device. In other words, the Central Client should emitted -via BLE- the new Firmware to the Server / Peripheral.


      I do OTA by using the CySmart application as firmware transmitter for the Server / Peripheral, and works fine. But I can't find a way to send the firmware from another PSoC 4200 BLE device.


      What I am asking is if this is viable or not. The firmware could be send to Central / Client device via a UART interface.

      Any help will be greatly appreciated!