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      Can anyone tell me how to tell if the BLE connection is 4.2 or 4.0? I should have told you I am using the PSoC 214015 module.  I thought the info would be in the connection data, but I don't see it there. Thank you for your help.

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          The features of BLE 4.2,4.1, 4.0 are backwards compatible, and thus unless you try to use a new BLE v4.2 feature to test if the other device supports that feature, there is no other way to tell. (Besides knowing what device/chip you are connected to in the first place)

          The module you are using is BLE 4.2 fyi.

          Try using data length extension to 250+ data bytes for a characteristic to see if it is an older BLE version than 4.2: http://www.electronicdesign.com/communications/ble-v42-creating-faster-more-secure-power-efficient-designs-part-5

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            If both the central and peripheral device are BLE 4.2 Compliant device then the BLE connection is 4.2 else if both or one of the device is 4.0/4.1 then the BLE connection will be 4.0/4.1.


            The device you are using 'CYBLE-214015-01' is a BLE 4.2 compliant device. You can read the BLE 4.2 features from this document -http://www.cypress.com/file/224826/download


            Also, in PSoC Creator Top Design,if you double click on BLE component and go to the GAP setting-> General tab ,You can observe a variable 'Enable Link Layer Privacy'( BLE 4.2 feature),if you can check the variable ( Not grayed out) that means the selected device is BLE 4.2 compliant.


            Please let me know if it answers your query or your question is otherwise.