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    HyperRam config register

      Hi all,


      I've got a problem, because when writting on HyperRam, I have the good waveforms for DQ,RWDS,CS and CK.

      When writting a value and reading it back in the memory, it reads the good value I wrote before.

      But, it also writes to the next colum ( for example if I write to page 0, colum 0, it also writes the value to page 0 colum 2, and when I write to page 0 colum 2, it also writes the value to page 0 colum 0).

      I thougth that it could cane from the configuration register in HyperRam (but I'm not sure).

      When reading the ID register, I have a value of 0C90, which is really strange (Manufacturer bits are reserved) and a value of configuration register of 1B6E, which also seems strange.

      And when I want to write to this configuration register, I ignores the modifications.

      Do you have any idea where the problem could come from ?



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          Hi Pierre Cocault,


          For better understanding about this issue, could you please attach the read and write waveform showing this issue to this forum thread? Also, please let us know if you are observing this issue with all of the devices that you have tested.

          Thanks and Regards,



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            Hi Sudheesh,


            I only tested the HyperRam on a Xilinx ZCU102 ultrascale device.

            Here are the waveforms of when reading and writing to the HyperRam :


            I just write one word of 16 bits (0x1122)

            Here are the two write commands :

            The c/a :


            And the data :



            Then I read to the address (column 0) I just wrote. I can read the good value


            And the data :


            But, when I read to the next address (column 2), I have the same value I wrote before, whereas I didn't write anything before at this address.

            The c/a:


            And the data :



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              And here are the waveforms when I read/write to the control register of the HyperRam :

              I first try to read the control register of HyperRam :

              The C/A commands :


              And the data :


              Then I try to write the values I need :



              and after I read the same register :

              The C/A :


              And the data :


              The register stayed at the same value as before, like if the write operation didn't work.


              Here are the waveforms of the ID register :

              The C/A :


              And the data :


              The value also seems to be strange.