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    HRM collector example problem with chest

      Hi everyone,

      we are a company manufacturer of electronic racing components for motorsport.

      One of our customer ask us to develope a product with BLE receiver for a heart rate chest.

      We want to use the chip CY8C4247LQI-BL483.

      We have bought CY8CKIT-042-BLE and we are using HRM collector example project; testing the demoboard with a Suunto chest we don't have any kind of problem, we receive heart rate and all the data correctly, using another chest (this chest work correctly with a specific app with an android mobile)  we have a problem and we can't understand which could be the error, the demoboard reply with some informations without heart rate.

      Attached you can find the report of the demoboard.


      Any help would helpful, thanks in advance.

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          If you look at the log, it is giving an authentication failed error code 0x05.

          Based on the enumerations for the CYBLE_GAP_AUTH_FAILED_REASON_T

          it looks like you are getting the response:

          /** Pairing is not supported by the device */


          Which makes it sound like one of the two devices is trying to pair the connection together, but is failing to do so due to other device not supporting pairing. Check the BLE settings on your PSoC project for what the pairing/bonding requirements are, and if they are set to require pairing, then it could be the second chest device is not set to use pairing.

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            Thank you very much for your reply.


            We have checked the BLE settings on our PSoC and we have modified the settings as in the picture below.



            Unfortunately we get the same error code 0x05. This is so strange because now we don't require any authentication.


            Just a remind, we are using the example code on PSoC and the chest works normally on a mobile!


            Thanks for your help!

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              Both of the BLE devices will need to have pairing/bonding/authentication turned off to verify it is not an error with incorrect bonding/pairing sequences.

              Did you change the settings for both devices, or just the one?

              If you have a debugger handy, you could run the device from the debugger and catch it when the error occurs to see more information about the exact state and data when the problem occurs.

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                Thanks for fast reply.

                The second device is a heart rate chest made by a Suunto competitor, we cannot modify settings.

                How can we turn off the pairing/bonding on our demoboard? Is it correct our setting in the picture or there's something more to set?


                Sorry for all these questions!

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                  No, you have set the correct settings in your project to test if you don't need authentication/pairing.

                  Since it is not working without bonding/pairing, I would try setting up the demo board to bond/pair with the remote device upon connection to see if the issue was not having bonding/pairing on the demo board?

                  The error code 5 for bonding/pairing not being supported is pretty specific in the issue, so it would be a matter of just figuring out what bonding/pairing settings are necessary to get it working.BondingPairingSettings.PNG

                  Try playing with the settings and see if you can get it working with one of them.

                  The ones I circled are the most likely culprits for the settings being incorrect, but I wouldn't know for sure without having the hardware to test it myself