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    TCP radio audio streaming Issue




      We use the Inventek module  ISM43362_M3G_L44 which uses the STM32F205 processor.Our application is that the Host(STM32F205)  will continuously receive streaming audio data(PCM format) from another HD radio DSP chip through I2S interface. Then the host will pack the PCM streaming data to TCP packets and send these packets to the Android tablet through Soft AP. The host also receives the commands from the tablet through TCP socket for HD radio tuning functions. Our application including the I2S DMA API/driver are running well in WICED SDK 3.1.1.


      But we have a TCP radio audio streaming Issue. We use  wiced_tcp_stream_write(data length 16k bytes)to send the radio audio stream. But the soft AP network interface is broken and down after a couple of hours’s(2~4) sending the audio data stream.  I can’t see any failures on function call wiced_tcp_stream_write()before the soft AP network interface is broken and down. When I go to wifi setup windows on tablet, I saw “Authentation error occurred” under our “WIFI Network name”. Our soft AP security is open using #define SOFT_AP_SECURITY     WICED_SECURITY_OPEN. When the tablet manually tries to reconnect the Soft AP interface, it fails again. I have to reset the BCM module manually.



      Can you please investigate this?