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    PSoC 4 Analog  and Bootloader Question

      Hi All,


      I plan on using PSoC 4200 micro in my project. I have a few questions as I have never used any PSoC or cypress micro before.


      1) What is the  AI input impedance or leakage current of PSoC 4200 micro? Will it be ok to measure voltage signal (0-18V) using a voltage divider without a buffer. I can't find AI input impedance or leakage current in the datasheet to size up divider resistors. My circuit is supposed to run on 5V supply and 4.096 analog VREF.


      2) Does PSoC 4200 have built in boot loader? I was looking at CYC8KIT-0049 board. It has a USB-UART converter connected to Target's UART. I am not sure if the  board is programmed with boot loader in the factory or if the boot loader is built in.


      3) Is hitachi LCD driver software based or is it done all in hardware?