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    Is it possible to use PSOC 5 as CAN-OPEN MASTER?



      I want to create a device that utilizes the CAN network.


      It is my first time to develop with CAN network.


      I want to use PSOC5 as master device.


      Is the PSOC5 suitable for CAN-OPEN master device in an automation device?


      Do you have experience using this?


      I would appreciate your advice.


      Thank you.

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          Sorry but we don't have CAN-OPEN implemented over PSoC5 CAN component.


          CAN-OPEN is a library that contains Network layer and above over CAN.

          PSoC 5 has CAN component which includes Physical and Data link layer. It doesn't have CAN-OPEN by default.

          However user can implement this library over it.

          We don't have any example implemented or tested.


          However the user is free to implement the library an test it.

          Let me know if you need any clarification.