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    FX3 VC++ projet AN70983 don't compile

      Hello CDC,

      I am new to the Cypress & FX3 world !


      I wish create my own app on VC++. However the project from cypress don't even compile. I am not interested to go C# or others language. I targuet C/C++ only.

      The project bulkloop on AN70983 needs, I guess, a special enviroment to compile. I can't do it in 2012 Visual studio express env, or even in visual studio community 2017.


      I wish the example project compiles, I would like to modify a bit the code to learn a bit more about FX3 for create my own app.


      My goal is simple and maybe stupid for you guys that know a lot more the FX3 than me. I have an external clock and a 32bit parallel bus. I wish my app get the sample on clock rise (or fall don't care yet for know), draw data sample if possible and the most important save raw data in a file.


      Maybe guys you have an idea to speed me up into that. For now, the product looks to me with huge possibility, but a bit difficult to apprehend ( a bit messy too ). And documentation and code example need to improve for faster understanding. I am a good hardware electronic board dev, I have some experience to dev embdedd apps with microcontrollers (microchip and stm32), but nothing so complex sor far. Maybe it's just in my head ...


      Kind regards H.O.