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    To reduce the streamer data rate


      hi every one,

                           actually we are using cypress streamer to write data from FX3 to Pc in the presense of control center .we are capturing the images from senser and sending to fx3 @ 100Mhz frequency and senser captures the frames at the rate of 4 frames/s  each frame is of (752*480 i.e 360960) when we write data from streamer to file it is very fast and some data is missing while writing to the file .so we want reduce the streamer writing speed and we want to solve that data missing or shifting issue .i have attached the input image coming to FX3 and image after writing to files .can any one sorted such kind of issues please let me know.





      thanks regards ,


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          Have you modified the streamer application to write directly on disk? If so, there might be data loss.


          Refer to any online video streaming Applications that are open source and based on that create your own.


          If the data is streamed at 100 Mhz clock rate, it might be difficult to store it on disk. The frame rate needs to be reduced. Real time storage may not be possible for most of the frame rates and resolutions.


          (streaming a video is possible with high data rate, but storing on hard disk at such a right rate will only result in data loss)

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            this streamer was modified by cypress employees i think i got this streamer code which has save to disk option in that from cypress only .and i am getting such situation can you tell me how to reduce  the streamer speed in order to get correct data

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              Hi Veerendra,


              The modified streamer app stores the incoming data to the disk, but it cannot be used for real time image or video capture. Writing to harddisk takes considerable time and a USB transfer has to wait until a previous transfer is completed. This is not acceptable for image capturing applications in which flow control may not be possible with the current version of the app. Currently we do not have any plans to investigate the feasibility of such an app or creating one.



              - Madhu

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                hello Madhu Lakshmipathy,

                thanks for you reply ,if i am writing hole data to single file  then also data is shifting

                atleast in  single file it should write hole data ,then y it is shifting in a single file

                thanks regars ,


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                  hello Madhu Lakshmipathy,

                                                                thanks once again to you to giving your most valuable time towards my posts .Can i get some application notes regarding fx3 and streamer interface and

                  streamer  and control center application notes . if u sent those it may be helpful to me because around

                  6 months i worked keeping in mind streamer is there to write data to pc now suddenly leaving hopes mean its very horrible ,so if u sent sompe application notes regarding streamer and control center  for interfacing with fx3 to get data to pc i can move further as per our requirement .I hope you will understand my situation .






                  thanks regards,