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    PSoC Creator 4.2: Emulated EEPROM component creates an unwanted Doxygen mainpage


      Is there a way to prevent the Emulated EEPROM component API from generating a Doxygen mainpage?  This page, while interesting, is not the first thing I want readers of my documentation to see.  Here is the offending code, from the generated file cy_em_eeprom.h:



      * \file cy_em_eeprom.h

      * \version 2.0


      * \brief

      *  This file provides the function prototypes and constants for the Emulated

      *  EEPROM middleware library.



      * Copyright 2017, Cypress Semiconductor Corporation.  All rights reserved.

      * You may use this file only in accordance with the license, terms, conditions,

      * disclaimers, and limitations in the end user license agreement accompanying

      * the software package with which this file was provided.




      * \mainpage Cypress Em_EEPROM Middleware Library


      * The Emulated EEPROM provides an API that allows creating an emulated

      * EEPROM in flash that has the ability to do wear leveling and restore

      * corrupted data from a redundant copy. The Emulated EEPROM library is designed

      * to be used with the Em_EEPROM component.