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    FX3 Issue with UWP


      I am developing a UWP Windows application that uses CyAPI.lib. However, when instantiating a new object with


      m_pUSBDevice = new CCyUSBDevice(NULL, CYUSBDRV_GUID, true);

      the call returns garbage in the m_pUSBDevice object except that it is returning a device count of 1 (as expected).


      However, using this same call in a C++ console application, the object instantiation works just fine... I can view the object and determine that it indeed is seeing the FX3 connected device. Is there some issue with UWP that prevents the library from returning all of the device information properly? And can it be fixed or is there an upgrade to the library? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


      Also, for the record, this app will not be going onto the Windows store, but used for the enterprise... UWP is being used because of its rich set of UI controls and the ability to tailor them.