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    RTC and sleep functionality problem



      i am working currently with  cyble-222014-01 module.i am using the internal  RTC. I wanted to put the system in sleep mode .but the system is


      not in sleep mode because  for rtc updation i am using the system timer API's to update the RTC




          /*config Systick Timer to Generate interrupt every 100ms*/


          /*Find unused Callback Slot*/

          for (loop_count = 0u; loop_count <CY_SYS_SYST_NUM_OF_CALLBACKS; ++loop_count)


              if (CySysTickGetCallback(loop_count) == NULL)

              {   /*Set Callback */






      so,due to this my ble is not in sleep mode ,it is always in on state only  if i disable the system tick  then the sleep working   but the RTC is not updating



      i want Auto update of RTC and sleep mode also enable.


      Please give suggestions to resolve the issue.


      Thanks in adavance