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    (USB) Audio device with 5LP




      I want to realize a small audio application, which should have an audio output and alternatively be able to work as an USB audio input. Two questions:


      1) For the audio output, I assume that the line-in voltage of a audio device is typically about 0.775V. Is this correct? So, if I'm using an IDAC with 2mA setting and a 380 Ohm resistor, I'll get about 0.76V. Using an OpAmp in FollowerMode to achieve high current output, I can connect the PSoC5LP directly to a line-in input or drive a headphone with at least 32 Ohm impedance (0.76V divided by 25mA OpAmp output current results in ~30 Ohm) without damaging the device?


      2) Anyone has experience with setting up an USB component for USB Audio input? It seems that there's a template for audio input application for the USB decriptors, but I don't know if I can use it directly without modification. Unfortunately there's no example firmware for USB input, only an output example is provided.