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    FLAGC set to not empty after TD_Init




      I want to use Slave FIFO Mode.

      In this setup, I want to utilize all End Point (2,4,6,8).

      EP2 & EP4 is AUTOOUT=1 while EP6 & EP8 is AUTOIN=0.


      I set PINFLAGSAB = 0, and PINFLAGSCD = 0, so that all FIFO flags are indexed as pointed by FIFOADR[1:0]


      My problem is after initialization of the firmware.


      FLAGB is set to LOW

      FLAGC is set to HIGH, therefore I cannot write to EP2, if selected by FIFOADR[1:0]. Why?


      and at Vendor Command  returning EP2468STAT value is 0x5A.

      that is: EP8E,EP6E & EP4F, EP2F.


      Why EP4F and EP2F at initialization?


      (I attached my code)


      Thank you for your help.