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      Just before execute this line of code(Debugging mode):
                          case TAMANO_WORD:
      --->                  *p_Dato = *p_LocalMemoria->p_UnionDirMemoriaPrincipal.p_Word;
      The software jumps  to a Cm0olusStart.c
      How is it possible? 
      How Can I know What´s happen?
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          I put Heap size in 0x900 and the problem persist.

          The problem occurs when I have to work with this Struct:

              typedef struct


                  UnionAverias_t UnionAverias;      //(word)

                  UnionAverias_t UnionAveriasAnt;//(word)

                  uint8 ui8_BitAveriaEnCurso;

                  UnionRoturas_t UnionRoturas;  //(word)

                  UnionRoturas_t UnionRoturasAnt; //(word)

                  uint8 ui8_BitRoturaEnCurso;

                  UnionAvisos_t UnionAvisos;   //(word)

                  UnionAvisos_t UnionAvisosAnt;   //(word)

                  uint8 ui8_BitAvisoEnCurso;

                  UnionModoAveriasAvisos_t UnionModoAveriasAvisos; //(word)

                  uint8  ui8_PrioridadAveriasAvisos;

                  uint8  ui8_PrioridadAveriasAvisosAnt;

                  uint16 ui16_Cont20msgZumbador;

              } EstadoAveriasAvisos_t;


          It is too long? or similar?


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            The IntDefaulthandler() is jumped to in case of an error occured. This (quite often) is an addressing error due to a busted array, clobbered stack or nil/bad pointer. I would suggest you to

            • Set compiler optimization to "none"
            • Set a breakpoint at the line in question
            • Change when BP reached to disassembly view
            • Single asm-step through the code and watching for pointers and stack



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              Thanks, Bob.

              Thankfully, people like you are in the forum ...

              If I compile in NONE mode, the program roms overflows.  I'm using 49k of 64k.

              I can only compile in DEBUG mode.

              In disassembly mode, it does not say much ... you´ll see  registers (ldr r3, [r4, #4]) that are loaded and then jump to IntDefaultHandler again ...

              I think the fail is dueto the size of the structure that I'm putting in the pointer.

              Would you tell me please, in what register have I to see?

              Thank you, Bob.


              I think, the debug does not stop exactly where it should ...


              153:                     case TAMANO_WORD:

              154:                         *p_Dato = *p_LocalMemoria->p_UnionDirMemoriaPrincipal.p_Word;

              0x00005C42 ldr r3, [r4, #4]

              0x00005C44 ldrh r3, [r3, #0]

              0x00005C46 strh r3, [r5, #0]


              jumps to CY_ISR(IntDefaultHandler)


              0x00007FB8 ldr r4, [r5, #8]

              327:             unsigned count;

              328:             for (count = 0u; count != limit; count += sizeof (uint32))


              Register values when fail occurs.

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                The problem looks like you are dereferencing the pointer twice to get the value, and then assigning that value to a pointer. I suspect the issue is with incorrect pointers/referencing in your code.

                Also, the structure EstadoAveriasAvisos_t has no member p_Word, so it looks like the structure you posted is different from the structure you are using.

                Using a pointer to a structure containing the variable would be fine, but if you dereference the pointer to the structure, you now have a structure, and then you dereference the structure member p_word, you will end up with the value of p_word, not pointer to it. Which you are then trying to assign to a dereference of p_Dato, which sounds incorrect. But, to know for sure, you would have to show us the declaration of p_Dato and EstadoAveriasAvisos_t.

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                  I have found  the real problem.

                  I have used  #pragma pack() to define this variable struct (to compact the variables and save them in an external eeprom).

                  This directive causes the problem.

                  I will have to think about keeping only words in the external eeprom.


                  Thank you and best regards.