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    psoc4 EM_EEProm problem after  updating to creator4.2



      i had used cy4245 and Em_eeprom component in 4.1. it was working well. after updating to 4.2 Em_EEprom component updated to 2.0.

      i updated the functions according to 4.2 api

      in 4.1



      in 4.2



      later on its not working.

      while debugging i see that the library returns failure in many conditions..

      for example in cy_em_eeprom.c line 186 & 430


        if((0u != size) && ((addr + size) <= (context->eepromSize)) && (NULL != eepromData))

                1.How does address+ size will be less than eeprom size, in my case eeprom size is 64, & addr is 0x00007C00 ,size is 1,


      looks like EM_EEPROM 2.0 has lots of bugs..or may be i am doing some mistake. Can some one help me how to make it work and provide a sample code for EM_eeprom for psoc4. Thank u


      with regards

      Dr.N.Chandra sekhar,M.tech,phd