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    CY7C2663KV18 - 450BZI part pll turn off pin(DOFF)




      *CY7C2663KV18 - 450BZI has an internal PLL and that PLL is controlled via DOFF pin (pll turn off (active low)).

      * When this part selected in the Xilinx MIG IP, it generates a qdriip_dll_off_n pin.

      * In the MIG IP datasheet it is written that qdriip_dll_off_n pin turns off the internal DLL in the memory device.  What is the DLL ? This DLL is PLL in the part CY7C2663KV18 - 450BZI ? This part CY7C2663KV18 - 450BZI  does not contain any internal DLL, does it ?  If there is no internal DLL in the part CY7C2663KV18 - 450BZI, why Xilinx MIG IP generates this qdriip_dll_off_n pin  ? Or DLL and PLL is different things ? Should I connect these two pin to each - other, or not ?


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