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    PSoC Creator 4.2,Cant find HID-Device file descriptor - no driver



      PSoC Creator 4.2 is suddenly unable to program either my PSoC 6 BLE Pioneer Kit or the PSoC 4 Pioneer kit.

      After working well it now finds no targets.  The build works OK but there is no programming activity.

      I have uninstalled and reinstalled PSoC Creator 4.2 today but the results are unchanged.


      Windows reports the Cypress KitPROG and Cypress KitProgK 2 but says "driver unavailable"


      Meanwhile the Output of PSoC Creator says:


      Log file for this session is located at: C:\Users\Chris\AppData\Local\Temp\PSoC Creator-000.log

      Warning: Can't find HID-device's file descriptor

      --------------- Build Started: 03/12/2018 17:01:13 Project: Lesson 6 CAPSENSE, Configuration: ARM GCC 5.4-2016-q2-update Debug ---------------

      The code generation step is up to date.

      --------------- Build Skipped: 03/12/2018 17:01:17 ---------------



      I get the following dialog when I go to select a debug target:


      Any advice on chasing down this port and driver issue?

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          Hello cnt_3130841,


          Can you help me some more info?

          1. What OS are you running?

          2. Are you able to see Kitprogs in PSoC Programmer? If yes, can you program the devices through programmer? If no, what message does Programmer show?

          3. When you say they show-up as Kitprog and Kitprog2 in device manager, under what category do they appear? COM, USB controllers etc.

          4. Can you tell us the LED status? For PSoC 4 kit - Status LED and for PSoC 6 kit - LED1 to LED3 near PSoC 5LP?

          5. When you uninstall PSoC Creator, can you also delete the PSoC Creator folder in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\" and delete the registry entries (Open regedit.exe and delete the "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\Cypress\PSoC Creator" key entry) and then install PSoC Creator and see if that fixes the issue?



          Meenakshi Sundaram R