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      Dear Cypress fans,



      I have a problem with the Keil uVision5, PDL 2.1.0 and the FM4-176L-S6E2CC-ETH kit.

      When I use the project template I get the warning see "UV4_208-03-12_15-32-36.png" => project added startpoint.zip


      I tried another option:

      When I use Keil Runtime environment for the configuration of my project with "CMSIS Core" and "Device Startup", my device is set to Cypress FM4 "S6E2CCAJ0A"

           I get the error: RTE\Device\S6E2CCAJ0A\system_s6e2cc.c(216): error:  #20: identifier "FM4_LCR" is undefined => project problem_uvision_runtime.zip


      Can someone help me out?



      Kind regards