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    Definition for SID

      Hello all,


      I was wondering where the definition for the SIDs are located? I am trying to find out the max current for the buffered output of the DAC. So far, I have SID 275 (10 mA) and SID 278 (4 mA).

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          It does look like the two Spec IDs, SID275 and SID278 are the same spec with different values, but they are not.  SID275 is the drive current for a Vdda of 2.7 volts and above.  SID278 is the drive current for Vdda of 1.7 volts to less than 2.7 volts.


          I will talk to the owner of the specification and have him put that note is the Details/Conditions column to make it clear.  Sorry for the confusion.