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    16 bit gpif 2 interface fx3



      I am interfaced  an image sensor to fx3 in 16 bit mode...

      i am using only 10 bit data pins of fx3,remaining 6 bit data pins are unconnected

      can i use these 6 bit data pins as normal GPIO by calling gpiooverride API?





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          No, it is not possible. Those 16 lines will be a part of the GPIF Bus. If you want only 10 bits of data, the only way to do so is to extract the data in the host application on the PC.

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            I am working with a project using FX3 GPIF 24 bit. At the same time, SPI, UART, I2C communication protocols are needed also. From data sheet, it can be seen that SPI and UART are not available at the same time. Thus, I have to use bit-bang for SPI communication. SPI will require 4 GPIOs for the bit-bang. At the same time, more GPIOs are needed for this project.  I have two questions regarding available GPIOs, whether using override method or not,

            1) Can all CTL[0] to CTL[12], DQ[31] to DQ[24] and I2S 4 signals be used as GPIOs?

            2) Should the GPIO configuration be "io_cfg.isDQ32Bit = CyTrue" in firmware?


            Thank you very much.