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    Range for intsrument control using mobile APP- BLE or WIFI



      We are prototyping a new instrument which requires APP control via bluetooth or WIFI communication.


      There will be no router or network to link up to as users will likely be either outside or in industrial environments.


      We would like to achieve a range of atleast 40m depending on capabilities.


      I suspect the phone APP will be the limiting factor but I appreciate your help in the best way to get maximum range for APP control of the device.


      I don't know weather to use a pcb chip and connect an external gain antenna to it, and if so can we use BLE as we have already begun designing around it.


      Any reccomended chips would be great to, currently we designed around the CYBLE-222014-01 which was a mistake as it doesnt have possibility to connect an antenna, however could we use something similar in size etc? would make my life easier.