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    8 bit WaveDAC8 to 16 bits ADC


      Hello guys,


      I'm trying to figure out a way to sample just one cycle of a wave generated by the WaveDAC8 component.

      So, my question is:

      If the waveDAC output an 8-bit waveform (by my understanding, this means that the values it outputs are 8 bits long), and one cycle of my wave has 200 samples, how many samples will a 16-bit ADC get into one cycle?


      I'm asking because I want to extract exactly one cycle.


      The image attached has the schematic of the circuit being implemented.

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          The WaveDAC (Digital to analog) outputs an analog signal that can be between 0V and some VREF. It is 8bit because there are 256 steps between 0V and VREF.


          The ADC will convert the analog signal back again to digital. Because it is 16 bit, it means there will be 65536 steps between 0V and VREF.

          So for example if both have the same VREF. When you write 255 (max 8bit) to the DAC, the ADC will read 65535 (max 16 bit).


          How many samples the ADC will capture depends on the clock or sample rate and not the data width.


          You must check how many samples per second the WaveDAC is outputting and then configure your ADC sample rate.




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