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    PSoC Creator 4.2: failed to build customizer




      I've updated to 4.2, updated a project and its components, rebuilt it and now I'm getting errors:

      • Failed building customizers for Downloads ( 4.1)
      • Meta file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Cypress\PSoC Creator\4.2\PSoC Creator\psoc\content\CyPrimitives\CyPrimitives.cylib\cyprimitives.dll' couldn't be found.
      • The instance 'ADC_SAR_1', of component ADC_SAR_v3_10, contains an error. Failed to load assembly, 'C:\Users\[MYNAME]\AppData\Local\Cypress Semiconductor\PSoC Creator\4.2\customizer_cache\Downloads ( 4.1)_8da9065af29ef3682afde5b5d3379a422332b0f0c5f0c738cba92c6609f3af24


      The last message is there for several components. Interestingly, the error messages are referring to downloads for 4.1, not 4.2. Not only in the paths, but also in the project column of the error message list (I assume that the 'downloads (4.1)' project is a hidden project added due to project dependencies).


      Already tried to delete the 4.2 customizer cache directory, which forces a rebuild of the customizers, but no luck.


      Any ideas how to solve this without having to create a new project file?



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          I've verified this behaviour on two PCs. Solution on both was to delete the 'downloads (4.1)' and 'downloads (4.2)' folders, which contained the downloaded examples and older components. As mentioned above, PSoC Creator 4.2 used the data of the 4.1 directory (so the 4.2 installation is not really independent from 4.1).

          So, there's no need to setup a new project file, but the examples and maybe components must be downloaded again.