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    S25FL512SAGBHI210 WRR issue



      I'm using a S25FL512SAGBHI210 in my prototype.

      I encountered one issue with one of my prototype.

      I'm using the Flash in dual and quad SPI mode (multi masters).


      When I try to do a WRR of SR1 or CR1, the SR1 register goes at 0xDF wich means there is a program error.

      SR1 = 0xDF

      CR1 = 0xEA

      I don't understand why i can't wright into the configuration register, because in Quad SPI mode WP is internally set to high (inactive).

      I try to change the SRWD bit.


      When I do a SOFT_RESET:

      SR1 = 0x9C

      CR1 = 0xEA


      (It seams it's not the default values show into the datasheet).


      Have you any ideas ?


      Best regards,

      Kévin T