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    SPDIF Transmitter but no SPDIF receiver?

      It's great that the PSoC 3 has an SPDIF transmitter component, but there is no SPDIF receiver component. I'm currently designing a project that will use 2 PSoC 3's communicating audio data and protocol data on an SPDIF connection. My current solution will have to use an SPDIF receiver chip off chip to demodulate and decode the SPDIF data to feed the other PSoC 3 using the I2S component, strip my protocol data and feed the audio data into a 16 bit DAC. There is currently a dedicated stand alone LSI chip to accomplish the demodulation and decoding, but it would be much simpler if there was an SPDIF receiver component. I thought about building one from scratch using Verilog, but it's not trivial, and it would be much more economical to just purchase an off the shelf solution. There are a few implementations 'out there' on the web for an SPDIF receiver, but the ones I've found are built with VHDL, so I'd have to convert it and they all have known issues with certain parts of the structure. Then I'd have to use an external simulator to verify the design...


      Any ideas?