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    sdxc sdcard -fx3s



      i wanted to interface sdxc sdcard to s0 port of fx3s

      i got know that fx3 needs an external regulator to swich from 3.3v to 1.8 IO supply (so port)

      and i have gone through cypress community regarding FX3S- Schematic of USB RAID ON  CHIP USB DONGLE


      in which ,

      they are using gpio control on regulator.

      they are using GPIO_16(DQ12) and respective software code as




      My question is

      1)is it compulsory to use specific gpio (GPIO_16)?

      2)can i use any other gpio?


      thank you...

      if any user manual or document is there,please provide me.

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          There is no dedicated GPIO for controlling the regulator.

          You can use any GPIO for the same purpose and provide the same GPIO number in the initparams.voltageswgpio field.

          Take care of initialization and configuration of that particular GPIO in the firmware.




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