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    nx_dns_create is not working well


      I'm using the netx duo bsd layer APIs.

      In manual, i need to create dns client first for using getaddrfino.

      However, when i call nx_dns_create, then application freezed.

      I added ENABLE_NXD_BSD_SOCKET, NX_BSD_ENABLE_DNS definitions.

      Please let me know if I have something wrong.

      (or Please share, if you have a good example source.)

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          The WICED APIs for DNS can be found at 43xxx_Wi-Fi/libraries/daemons/DNS_redirect/dns_redirect.h.

          Could you please let us know why you are trying to use NetX Duo bsd layer APIs? The application that you are trying to write must also include nxd_bsd.c in the build process. This file must be compiled in the same manner as other application files and its object form must be linked along with the files of the application. But nxd_bsd.c file is not really exposed in SDK.

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