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    CSD and USB in 48-pin PSoC 4200L


      I'm working on a design of a cap sense using Cypress PSoC family. The project consists of an upgrade of an existing one which uses the part CY8C4245AXI-483. One of the requirements is to change this part to one which has an integrated USB controller but within the same family. So, I chose the part CY8C4246AZI-L433.

      Reading the datasheet, I'm in doubt whether this part has the pins csd_c_mod and csd_c_sh_tank, that are used for the cap sense. Like the figures show, these functionalities should be at pins P5.0 and

      P5.1 or at P4.2 and P4.3:





      But, looking at other section of the datasheet, as the following figure, we see those pins don't exist in the 48-pin-USB MCU:




      So, my question is: is it possible to implement a sense cap with the part which has an integraded USB and 48-pin?