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    CE220607 – PSoC 6 MCU Watchdog Timer in Interrupt Mode. Can this example work with CM0p?


      I'm looking at the CE220607 example and thought to experiment by switching the code across to the CM0p core.


      However, when doing so it threw up an error which I was not expecting and did not understand how to fix (if I could fix at all). Hence I decided to ask here.


      Error is in this line of code (would normally be found in CM4 main()):


      sysint_status = Cy_SysInt_Init(&WDTIsr_cfg, WDTIsr);


      It did not like "&WDTIsr_cfg". This is a generated source function found within "cyfitter_sysint_cfg.h" file. The code in this file is as follows:


      /* ARM CM4 */

      #if (((__CORTEX_M == 4) && (CY_CORE_ID == 0)))

          #define WDTIsr__INTC_ASSIGNED 1u

          extern const cy_stc_sysint_t WDTIsr_cfg;

      #endif /* ((__CORTEX_M == 4) && (CY_CORE_ID == 0)) */


      So why is WDTIsr_cfg only related to CM4. What is the alternative for CM0p etc.