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    What happens if serialization queue is full?

      Serialization queue from the LE stack to application is 16 entries deep by default.

      I have confirmed it by reading bleappevt_srzn_q_depth.


      Our use case use CPU almost full, so I am concerned of serialization queue full case.


      1) Is there any way for the application to check if serialization queue full has happened,

          so that to determine whether to increase bleappevt_srzn_q_depth?


      2) What is the behavior of LE stack if queue is full at the time of queueing a callback?

          Watchdog reset has been observed sometimes, by any chance, does it trip watchdog?


      3) What is the behavior of queueing AdvReportCb by LE stack?

          For example, if Master receives a burst of advertisements (let's say from 30~40 slaves in the room),

          the LE stack tries to queue up all advertisement packet received?

          Or is there any throttling mechanism to avoid queue full?