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    S25FL116K0XNFI013 Flash memory Thermal Test

      We are using S25FL116K0XNFI013 Flash memory for our one of the design for sensor data storage; the implementation done as below


      1.       14 bytes of data stored into FRAM until reaches of 18 log interval (equivalent of one Page of Flash memory) + 4 bytes of overhead

      2.       18 data logs (256 bytes) writes to Flash S25FL116K0XNFI013

      3.       This will keep continue until the Flash end memory

      4.       Data rollover will be done with 4KB of sector erase and following the steps 2.


      Here we are having the issue #1 for data missing/ jumping at +85 degree C (Ex. middle of the data interval 10 hrs of data missing, No data is written in the flash.

      Issue # 2 : Data corrupted in flash; (timestamp and sensor data not correct). device operated at +85 degree C

      Please review and let me know the solution to address the above listed issue.

      note : Room temperature (+25 degree C ) is working fine; tested with 30 days of logging.