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    Stream In Data Loss

      I am trying to use the Cypress FX3 SuperSpeed Exporler Kit for continuous data transfer. I am using the Slave FIFO code, SF_streamIN, from the AN65974 application report and the Cypress Streamer application. Like many others, we are finding that we are losing data every 16 kB. The amount of data which is lost is also inconsistent. I have tried slowing down the incoming data as well as the data transfer rate, but this has not helped reduce data loss.

      I have not yet found a discussion detailing data loss and the solution for their issue.


      Has anyone had a similar data loss issue and found a solution?

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          Are you using the same FPGA as in the example project and it's code? Or your own FPGA? How much data are you losing? Is it just few bytes or more?


          This problem could be because of the watermark value not adjusted according to your scenario. The FPGA should sense the partial flags and control it's data transfer accordingly.


          Please refer to the AN65974 for more details on partial flags.