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    Problem on adding 'Health Thermometer' service to existing 'Heart Rate Sensor' profile




      I am using CYBLE-014008-EVAL for my development.


      I have developed my project based on the 'BLE_Heart_Rate_Sensor' code example.


      I want to add the 'Health Thermometer' service to the existing 'Heart Rate Sensor' profile by just adding the service (BLE module -> Profiles -> Add Service).

      Then, I add several lines of code to the main() as below:




                /* Register service specific callback function */






                     /* Send temperature to client */

                     apiResult = CyBle_HtssSendIndication(cyBle_connHandle, CYBLE_HTS_TEMP_MEASURE, sizeof(temp_data), temp_data);





      However, after I established the BT connection with my android mobile which was running CySmart app, I did not find the 'Health Thermometer' service on the CySmart app.

      In addition, when I tapped the 'GATT DB' icon, I did not find the 'Health Thermometer' service there.


      Are there I missed? / Did I make any mistakes?


      Please help.