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    wl command for creating ap virtual interface


      I am test AP mode on 43455 with wl command, so I run command "wl interface_create ap c4:67:b5:11:22:33" to create a virtual interface.

      Generally, the ap interface name would be wl0.1. And when I need to stop ap mode, I run command "wl -i wl0.1 interface_remove" to delete the interface.


      But sometimes the ap interface name is not fixed to be wl0.1, it may become wl0.2, when createing ap inetrface again after removing the interface.

      But I want this interface name fixed. And I was told to add option "-w 1" in the command to fix ap interface name to "wl0.1" on chip 43596 months ago.

      So I tried to run command "wl -w 1 interface_create ap c4:67:b5:11:22:33" to create ap interface on 43455, but it failed with error message "wl: wl driver adapter not found" and no interface created.


      So I want to know what is this option -w for? And why it's not supported on 43455? Is there any way to make this function work on 43455?

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          Hi  Jevon:


          -w  index of WLC for RSDB only , 43596 is a RSDB chip which has tow core for different functions. so you can set to "-w 1" . can't work on 43455.   wl -i wl0.1 interface_remove  is a correct usage to delete the interface.

          and can you just use wl interface_remove since you only add one interface in your cases.

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