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    How to get an interrupt to be triggered by an input pin via square wave

      hello all I am new to the psoc (we use Texas instruments boards in school) I have created a project that takes in a square wave that comes from a mechanical generated source  (tach sensor) it generates two pulse's per one revolution.I have set up an interrupt that counts to two before it reads the period of the two pulses to determine the freq of the signal. I have tried to use this to set the period of a timer that in turns is the clock for a wavedac which is the output signal but I can not get the interrupt to trigger via a input pin that  the square wave is sent to. I think I have it set up right but I don't know as I am used to IAR embedded workbench if any body can help I would be forever grateful I am sure it is something stupid that I am over looking but I can not figure it out