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    Can I check a Dual Mode Topology of Bluetooth 4.1 using BCM920737_LE_KIT?

      I have BCM920737_LE_KIT 3ea

      I would like to check a dual mode of Bluetooth 4.1

      Is it possible in BCM920737_LE_KIT?

      Let me how to test a dual mode topology of Bluetooth 4.1



      Support multiple roles simultaneously

      Dual Mode Topology

      Enables a dual mode (BR/EDR-Low Energy) device such as a smartphone to act

      as a Bluetooth Smart Ready Hub and Bluetooth Smart peripheral at the same time.

      The device can then communicate with Bluetooth Smart peripherals on one side

      and another Bluetooth Smart Ready hub device on the other side.

      Link Layer Topology

      Manages the connections between the devices used in a Dual Mode Topology

      implementation (see Dual Mode Topology description).