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    Generate raw binary with IAR has problem


      I found generating raw binary has problem with IAR for PSoC6. I created test projects for both cm0+ and cm4, add IAR project connections, build cm0plus project, then cm4 project. Choose conversion to raw binary in IAR for CM4 project then build.

      But I see project build never end when converting to raw binary, I had to manually hit Ctrl+C to end this. Then I see the following log. When I check the output, I did see cm4.bin which is now very big, consuming over 1.8GB. So if I do not end the conversion, it will consume all my disk space!

      Actually this is similar to what mentioned in How to generate bin file for PSoC6 with fromelf tool in Keil?


      Looks like PSoC6 support for generating raw binary has problem.