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    debug option disabled

      I create a project base on CCG3 Dongle project and then I can't start debug.

      someone said I need disable Bootloadable, I tried to disable it , then I get below building error

      Error: cdf.M0005: CyDsFit aborted due to errors, please address all errors and rerun CyDsFit. (App=cydsfit)

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          Hello chenglei wang,


          Please use 'noboot.cydsn' project in the same project folder as the 'noboot.cydsn' is a debug-enabled version of the same firmware application, which does not depend on the bootloader. Please use PSoC Creator 3.3 for the projects to build efficiently.
          Please refer CCGx_FW_UserGuide in the installation folder of the CCGx SDK for more information and the same is attached for reference.