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    Filter sampling rates VS Data ready signal


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      There is the following description in Filter's data sheet (3P, Data ready signal).

      "If running the filter at high real sample rates, it is likely that DMA is the only method that is fast enough to successfully handle the data stream."

      Could you tell me the specific number of this "high real sample rates"?

      If the sample rate is over what Hz, is DMA the only method?


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          This is nothing we can predict, it depends on your program and your settings for the PSoC.

          Waiting for data ready -using an interrupt or polling- reading the data from the filter and doing what you want to the data takes a number of clock cycles. These even depend on the optimization level your program was compiled with. ADC sampling faster than these clock cycles take will lead to gaps in the data stream. When sampling faster than 50kHz you should consider using DMA which, when running, is like a fire-and -forget-it running in background. There are some app nottes and examples using DMA.