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    PSoC Creator 4.2 Production Release!

      Hello PSoC MCU Developers!

      We are pleased to announce the production release of PSoC Creator 4.2 ,with full support for our brand new PSoC 6 MCUs, purpose-built for the Internet of Things (IoT). With PSoC Creator 4.2, you get the following support:


      What's New in PSoC® Creator 4.2?

      In addition to many minor enhancements and defect fixes, PSoC Creator 4.2 adds support for two exciting new PSoC product lines.

      PSoC 6

      The PSoC 6 family provides a real step up in terms of performance and flexibility. It is available as a single-core 150MHz Arm® Cortex®-M4 device or a dual core version with a 100-MHz Arm Cortex-M0+ core to manage peripheral functions.

      Dual-Core Application Development

      PSoC Creator 4.2 makes dual-core development easy by splitting up your source code into separate folders in the Workspace Explorer. You can easily identify the core that application source code will execute on and, because both cores have access to all peripherals and memory, you can move functionality around by simply dragging the files to the preferred core folder.

      Workspace Explorer

      Building projects is fully automated, just like with PSoC 4, so you do not waste time maintaining makefile dependencies and re-building for each core after simple code changes. The result of a build is always the complete application in a single file that you just program and go. Debugging is also easy because you can connect to either core in seconds – just pick the one you need and start the debugger normally.

      Debug Target

      Peripheral Driver Library

      PSoC 6 includes up to 56 digital and 7 analog peripherals plus CapSense®, USB, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), USB, and interfaces to serial memory and PDM-PCM digital microphones. Firmware to manage them all is provided by the Peripheral Driver Library (PDL). PDL is a suite of highly-efficient, MISRA-compliant drivers for PSoC peripherals with a comprehensive, searchable documentation package that is HTML-based for easy viewing in any browser.

      As usual PSoC Creator 4.2 makes using the PDL easy by automatically pulling the drivers you need into your project. As you add components to your design and build the project, the required code is added to and include paths maintained for you.


      PSoC 4100S Plus

      Clearly, the big news in this release is public support for PSoC 6 devices but there is a new PSoC 4 series too - PSoC 4100S Plus. Ideally suited to the main control and interface boards in Home Appliance, Consumer and Industrial applications, PSoC 4100S Plus is available in 44-pin TQFP and 64-pin LQFP packages with up to 54 GPIO. 24 of those pins support our unique Smart I/O functionality. The Plus-series also extends the PSoC 4100S with a variety of valuable feature and resource additions.

      • More memory (up to 128kB flash and 16kb SRAM)
      • Megahertz-range external oscillator support
      • True random number generator (program security)
      • Segment LCD support
      • CAN controller
      • Up to eight 16-bit timer/counter/PWM (TCPWM) blocks
      • Up to five serial communication blocks (SCBs)

      PSoC 4100S Plus Block Diagram
      PSoC 4100S Plus Block Diagram