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    PSOC 4 to NOR Flash interface

      Hello everyone,


      I am working on a small project that requires an SPI interface between a PSOC4 and a NOR Flash (N25q128 or MT25QL128).  After going over the datasheets both for the NOR Flash and SCB module, I noticed the following:


      1) The NOR Flash uses rising edge to clock-in the data and falling edge to clock out the data.

      2) The clock polarity settings for SCB module apply both for MISO and MOSI lines.  I was not able to find how to specify clock polarity separately for MISO and MOSI


      Are there any pre-defined modules in the PSOC Creator to handle this or I have to come create my own with shift registers etc?  Just wanted to check if anyone had a similar experience before I spend time re-inventing the wheel.  Any help would be appreciated.




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          Hi Yevgeniy,


          I went through the datasheet of N25q128. It says that either of below 2 Motorola SPI modes can support its operating.

          CPOL=0, CPHA=0,

          CPOL=1, CPHA=1

          It doesn't require to specify clock polarity separately for MISO and MOSI.

          And Micron should provide Low Level Drivers for their Nor.  The LLD could be migrated easily onto different platform.




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            Hello Ryan,


            Thank you for the reply!  Somehow I overlooked that section in the datasheet ("Serial Peripheral Interface Modes").  Let me try putting some hardware together to test it and I will get back with the results.







            I was able to read chip ID from a MT25QL128 part, so I would consider the able mentioned solution as a valid one.  Thanks again Ryan.