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    CY8CKIT-046 USB data pipeline


      I'm a newbie to the PSoC world. I was forwarded some documentation (similar to this link) by a colleague for performing full-speed USB bulk data transfer. My colleague specifically mentioned the CY8CKIT-046 development kit, so I recently purchased that. I followed the USBFS_Bulk_Wraparound code example in PSOC Creator 3.3 to use IN/OUT endpoints for data transfer, and was able to get this to work.


      In my end application, I envision transferring data from PC -> PSoC -> FPGA. I understand the first link (PC -> PSoC), but am unsure how I can transfer data between the PSoC and the FPGA. I have thought that I may be using the wrong part or dev kit, but I'm not entirely sure.


      Any help  here is greatly appreciated.